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3 Ways To Help Your Customers Feel More Valued

Building brand loyalty is more important now more than ever in unprecedented times.  

The majority of consumers report referring their favorite brands to their friends and family and remaining more brand loyal than ever before. Investing in your current client base is far more affordable than seeking out new customers for your business. In other words, investing in your current customers is paramount for future success. 

That’s why loyalty programs are so successful. Loyalty programs are built on positive reinforcement—helping customers feel valued, nurturing their brand trust through discounts and perks, and further incentivizing them to recommend brands to others and grow your client base.  

Most businesses struggle to build loyalty campaigns past gift cards or simple referrals. And while it may seem difficult at first, the truth is that loyalty campaigns don’t have to be as hard as they seem.  

Here are three ways you can help your customers feel more valued, and how your point-of-sale (POS) system can make it even easier to reward customers and stimulate brand growth.  


Build Clear Pathways to Rewards 


If your loyalty program is too complex, customers will be far less likely to want to sign up for your promotional emails and continue to engage with the brand. 

That’s why the most successful rewards programs give clear pathways to success. The more transparent your rewards system, the easier it is for the customer to sign on and start earning. 

The easiest way to do this is through a cash-back system. Establish a certain number of points awarded per dollar spent on your brand, and offer rewards that customers can receive in exchange for their points.  

These programs are highly successful in bringing customers into your stores and considering your high-margin items for purchase in the hopes of a future reward. It’s a win-win! 


Build Your eCommerce with Rewards in Mind  


We’ve talked before about why your eCommerce platform matters and customer loyalty is certainly one of those reasons. 

Your customers want to be able to interact with and invest in your brand both in-store and online. That’s why your customers need to be able to use their rewards on your eCommerce platform.  

It may be a tall order communicating this with your eCommerce provider, but when you use eCommerce through Franpos, you’ll be able to synchronize your loyalty programs, manage inventory between your in-shop and online channels, and monitor everything to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 


Build Relationships Through Growth Marketing Campaigns 


Information on your customers lives in the form of data in your CRM. So for your most valued and loyal customers, why not put that data to work?  

Building out a growth marketing campaign tailored to your customer data means finding unique ways to contact them when it’s most appropriate. 

Is it a customer’s birthday? Reward them with a coupon or an offer for a free product next time they come through your doors. Did a customer purchase a high-ticket item? Make them an offer or give out rewards points to show you’ve both noticed and appreciated their investment in your brand.  

These sorts of reward programs can be difficult to achieve without a robust, automated system that can send out these sorts of messaging on time, every time.  

Growth Marketing through Franpos allows you to send pre-written text messages and emails with 16 different triggers including birthdays, spending thresholds, and much more.  


Final Thoughts  


In the age of Amazon, building customer loyalty and competing with global juggernauts is harder than ever before. That’s why your loyalty program cannot be faked. 

It won’t be enough to offer one-size-fits-all rewards and send them out all at once. Customers demand tailor-made loyalty campaigns designed to delight. Without innovation, you’ll quickly find your customers flocking to other businesses. 

Interested in getting your loyalty program automatically deployed and synchronized directly to your eCommerce platform and in-store point-of-sale? Contact us today to learn more about the power of a turn-key solution built for growth.  

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Michael Ruiz
Michael is Franpos Contributor. Based in Atlanta, he loves helping business owners understand how to build strong customer relationships through smart data.
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