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A Little Bit About Franpos

We are technologist and retail visionaries working round the clock to produce the best and most comprehensive POS platform for Franchises.

Simple. Powerful. Smart.

We at Franpos set out to create a franchise POS system, we wanted these three adjectives to apply. And we feel we were able to accomplish just that. Our system is simple, as it requires no third-party integrations (although you can have them, if you like). It is powerful, enabling you to make system-wide changes with a single click. And it is smart, allowing you to identify key opportunities and pull reports and data from any of your franchise locations.

Vision: Our vision is to become the operating system for franchises.
Mission: To build most comprehensive POS platform for franchises.

Franpos History

Franpos was founded by Subodh Gupta.

Launched the first fully functional cross-compatible and cloud-based tablet POS.


White-labeled iConnect for Verifone as GlobalBay Merchant.


Added multi-location feature, implemented a scalable cloud infrastructure.


Integrated first EMV solution on a mobile POS platform.


Launched first franchise system on iConnect platform.


Launched several brands and national chain stores.


Hardware partnership with Flytech.


Flytech made minority investment in iConnect.


Launched Beef Jerky Outlet, Pro Image Sports, and other franchise systems.


Launched Gateway Newsstands.


Moved to Bay Area. Doubled the iConnect team.


iConnect begins rebranding to Franpos.

Companies and Franchises Already Using Franpos

The Team

What do you like most about working at Franpos?

Subodh Gupta

Founder & CEO

Creating the next thing that will add value to our franchise customers

Yulia Rivas

Director of Engineering

Creating new features and solving complicated problems

Steve Betts

Product Manager

Empowering others to be better and do more

Natalia Klukinov

Quality Assurance Engineer

I love testing, especially when I can make the computer test for me

Jordan Bucher

Marketing Manager

Sharing ideas and working together to help our customers

Michael Guether

Customer Support Manager

Enabling customers to excel at what they do while using our POS system

Shoeib Sakhizada

Senior Support Engineer

The culture, collaborating with the team and helping others

Koushik Bandari

Technical Support

Learning from mistakes in order to be perfect one day

Alexander Savchenko

Senior Web Development Engineer

Leading the development team on exciting new projects

Igor Gavrilov

Web Development Engineer

Helping my teammates with their work

Pavel Malinnikov

Director of Android Technology

Checking out the latest Android updates and playing with new software technology

Marianna Trufakina

Quality Assurance Engineer

Being challenged and solving problems every day

Roman Yeromenko

Web Development Engineer

Creating new features that will make running a business easier for our customers

Viacheslav Galanov

Managing Director

Exploring new ideas and collaborating with the team

Vitaly Druzhko

Project Manager

Completing a project and seeing the results of the team's hard work

Nik Efremov

Technical Support Specialist

Helping our customers and make it easier for them to use our POS software

Pradeep Sapkota

Software Engineer

Coding and optimizing the front end of the application to better serve our customers

Max Mazur

Customer Billing Manager

Getting to know customers and answering their questions