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The #1 Cloud-Based Franchise POS System

Franpos is the only cloud-based POS system exclusively designed for franchises.

Switch to an all-in-one point-of-sale solution to simplify operations, lower costs and increase sales.


The Franpos POS System for Burger Restaurants

Cloud-based POS with real-time data.
Best-in-class hardware and devices.

With a reliable point of sale system, your burger restaurant can collect and fulfill orders quickly and efficiently – via online ordering or at the counter.


The Franpos POS System includes:

1. Cloud-based software that integrates with any payment processor.

2. Register with a Customer Facing Display.

3. Printer, cash drawer, bar code reader and payment device.

4. Kitchen Display System (KDS) hardware.

Simple Merchant Processing

Competitive rates

Franpos integrates with any and all payment processors or credit card merchants. Improve and scale your operations with a reliable point-of-sale system With an efficient POS system, your pet business can quickly collect and fulfill orders and capture more revenue. After all, speed and efficiency are critical for your success. Franpos POS system can keep up with your pet business, even during the busiest times of the day.

Everything You Need to Run & Scale Your Burger Restaurant

Point of Sale (POS)

Improve and scale your operations with a reliable point-of-sale system 

With an efficient POS system, your burger restaurant can quickly collect and fulfill orders, bust lines and capture more revenue. After all, speed and efficiency are critical for your restaurant’s success. Franpos POS system can keep up with your burger restaurant, even during the busiest times of the day.

Growth Marketing

Grow your business and attract more customers with smart, automated marketing technology

Growth Marketing is all about attracting loyal customers by targeting, capturing, engaging, and retaining them. Transform customer experience with personalized campaigns via email marketing and SMS text messages.

Tailored promotion examples include:

1. Welcome New Customers

2. Birthday Coupons

3. Customer Anniversary Promotion

4. “We Missed You” or “Come Back to See Us” Offers

5. Daily, Weekly or On-Demand Specials

6. “Fill the Restaurant” Campaigns for Slow Days or Slow Seasons

7. “Big Spender” Reward or Offer for Customers Who Spent Over X in Last Y Days

and so much more!

Online Ordering

Take your physical restaurant location online

Enable your customers to place pick-up or delivery orders from your website or branded mobile app. Franpos’ open APIs and eCommerce plugin allows for custom website development using 3rd party platforms that’s fully integrated with our Quick Service Restaurant POS solution.

Enterprise Management

Manage employees, items, vendors and locations from a single command center

Initiate regional objectives with powerful and expansive enterprise management tools. Franpos POS platform simplifies day-to-day operations with streamlined menu rollout, automatic inventory updates, and combined third party delivery aggregation.

Royalty & ACH

Simplified franchise royalties with quick service restaurant POS systems. Automatically collects from all channels and generate reports across locations.

Franpos POS for Quick Service Restaurants automatically calculates royalties across locations from all channels including online and gift card sales – no need for additional reconciliation. Maintain trust between all parties involved through transparent KPI goal tracking and accurate, real-time sales reporting.

Enteprise Reporting

See the bigger picture with accurate cloud reporting, built-in connector for QuickBooks online plus API integrations for any financial systems

Franpos enterprise reporting and business intelligence dashboard is designed to provide you a complete view of your business. Get instant access to real-time insights anywhere, anytime and observe performance from any or all locations. Accurate cloud reporting lets you track inventory, analyze sales, monitor royalty collection and more so you can continue making the best decisions for your business.

Register with Customer Facing Display

Ensure accuracy with a customer-facing screen.
Grow profits with the Impulse Buy feature.

Franpos’ interactive customer-facing display application allows customers to check their order, add tips and join your loyalty program with the tap of a finger.


Increase average ticket price with Franpos Impulse Buy feature that recommends complimentary items customers can quickly add to their order.



Built-In Features to Simplify Operations & Increase Sales

Manage Your Team

Set schedules, calculate commission, monitor punch-ins and punch-outs, and more.

Integrate With Any Payment Processor

Franpos integrates with any and all payment processors or credit card merchants.

Loyalty & Gift Card

Facilitate value-delivery and reward your customers with built-in loyalty program and multi-location gift cards

3rd Party Integration

Our platform is smart and flexible. Tailor it suit your restaurant's needs and integrate with any third party system you like.

Real-Time Business Data

Access and manage all your data real time. Deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, affordably, and in real time.

Set Permissions for Users

Protect highly sensitive information by setting access permissions for specific team members.

Stay Up To Date

Franpos will keep you informed on the latest trends, practices, and technological advancements in the world of POS.

Consolidate Your Operations Into One System

No more having to worry about integrations and compatibility.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team standing by to help you in the unlikely event of a problem.

Branded Consumer App

Full branded app with mobile ordering, rewards, reorders, Apple Pay, Google Pay for Apple and Android

Quick-Service Restuarants Using Franpos POS Solutions

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