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Upselling Complementary Products

Upselling Complementary Products/Services can double sales and revenues.  By definition, items that are complementary but sold on separate tickets can be described as complementary.  Just as cereal is not commonly sold without milk, you can position your business as such.  Complementary products/services can greatly increase sales in any industry.  Franpos is offering free SMS/Email templates you may use to […]

What Are the Benefits of Being a Franchisor?

There are many benefits to being a franchisor, such as an established reputation, branding assets, and customer base.  Running and owning a franchise business is highly unique for a number of reasons.  Franchising provides opportunities and resources that have a competitive advantage over independent businesses, especially when first launching.  There are many benefits of being a franchisor, which we will be covering today.  Franchise Reputation  It has been […]

How Beauty Stores Can Upsell Products

Product upselling is critical for the longevity of most businesses. The same holds true for the beauty industry where products are often paired with services rendered.  While grocery stores implement product upselling by strategically placing waters, gum, and other quick purchases at the counter for grab and go type of marketing, most product upselling in the beauty industry happens during checkout as […]

How to Use Email and Text Message Marketing

Email and text message marketing is commonly used to drive revenues for small businesses. We should know—both are built right into the Franpos point of sale system!  That’s why we will be focusing on how to utilize these channels to reach your consumers. Without going into the HTML specifics as to how to format these messages, let’s go over how content within […]

How Online Booking Can Increase Revenues

Almost everything in modern society is virtual. From payment processing to online bookings and virtual reality, integrating with technology is almost unavoidable  In order to combat the shift to the digital era, let’s discuss a few ways in which technology—including online bookings—can increase your revenues long-term.  Whether it is a salon, restaurant, car shop, or technology store, online bookings can effectively enhance […]