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Upselling Complementary Products

Upselling Complementary Products/Services can double sales and revenues.  By definition, items that are complementary but sold on separate tickets can be described as complementary.  Just as cereal is not commonly sold without milk, you can position your business as such.  Complementary products/services can greatly increase sales in any industry.  Franpos is offering free SMS/Email templates you may use to […]

Marketing For QSR In Unprecedented Times

Marketing for quick service restaurants is more challenging than ever during these unprecedented times.    When executing marketing strategies for QSR it is essential to properly address the COVID-19 situation in a direct but subtle way.    As we have stated before, SMS/Email marketing is the most lucrative channel available in regards to conversions.    Because the open rates for SMS is […]

What Are Ghost Kitchens?

Ghost kitchens are not only changing the future of QSR, but they can be considered industry disruptors who are stealing the attention of restaurant franchisors.    For those who don’t know, ghost kitchens received this name due to their low profile. These restaurants do not hold patrons, guests, servers, or even traditional managers.  Ghost kitchens hire minimally by only supplying […]

Why Franpos is the Ideal Point of Sale System for QSR

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) have become increasingly popular in densely populated areas where foot traffic is plentiful and customers are on the go.    Globally, some of the most popular QSR brands are Chipotle, Moe’s, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s.    In short, QSR restaurants are fast food, and Franpos has the perfect point of sale for these types of businesses.    Let’s go over how Franpos’ […]

How Self-Ordering Kiosks Impact Businesses

The adaptation of technology into your operations can be a differentiating factor for your businesses’ success. As automation become more advanced, technology can be helpful in running quick-service restaurants.  Let’s quickly cover how technology automation such as a self-ordering kiosk can benefit both employees and businesses.  Why Self-Ordering Kiosks Are So Effective   To get a better understanding of a self-ordering kiosk, […]