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Why Ghost Kitchens Are Great For Owners

Ghost Kitchens are a new phenomenon of restaurants that offer multiple restaurants/menu options from one centralized kitchen.  While hiring as few employees as possible, these new-age restaurants have a low-cost – high-volume business model.  Ghost Kitchens spend as little money as possible on rent, parking, and the number of employees.  Instead of paying for large elaborate […]

How Franchises Are Building Ghost Kitchens

In our recent article, What are Ghost Kitchens, we dove deeper into explaining these QSR industry disruptors.     As of recently, there has been news of large franchisors such as Chipotle, entering the Ghost Kitchen sphere.    Since then, there have been multiple reports and news findings of restaurants such as Chilis, Chuck-E-Cheese, Maggiano’s, and more, […]

Introducing the Franpos Resource Hub

We’re excited to launch the Franpos Resource Hub! This new page has so much to offer for our clients, business owners, and anyone looking to grow their brand! Franpos new resource hub contains information, webinars, and videos about Franpos products.    Not only does this platform provide Growth Marketing tips and tricks, but we actually provide free SMS/Email marketing templates that you may utilize for your business!  […]

The Franpos Growth Marketing Formula

The Marketing Formula is a term curated by Franpos marketing specialists.  We have curated a four-step process that describes a formula to make business operations easier.  This marketing formula can benefit businesses from Customer Relations -> Referrals. This marketing formula can be described as: Customer Relations -> Customer Loyalty Customer Loyalty -> Repeat Purchases  Repeat Purchases -> Referrals Repeat  This process breaks […]

Webinar Recap – Scheduling Your Campaigns

Following last week’s Growth Marketing Webinar, we are continuing the step-by-step process of breaking down how you can apply Franpos Growth Marketing to your business.  In the second webinar, we covered the ‘schedule date and time’ campaign trigger.  With this Franpos trigger, you have the ability to pre-load campaigns to be sent to customers at a specific time and date.  This […]