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How Omnichannel Software Improves Operations

There are thousands of different softwares available for businesses.  Some can help with scheduling, revenue reports, royalty fees, delivery, and more.  At Franpos, we include all of these features in our immersive platform.  There are many ways your Franpos software can improve your operations, and we will be covering different ways Franpos software can benefit your business.  Financial Software Integration   At Franpos,

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Three Automatic Reports that Every Franchisor Needs

The ability to streamline your operations through automatic reports is one of our favorite uses of cloud-based data. Through the power of automatic reporting, franchisors can leverage their time more efficiently by sitting back and letting powerful point of sale software do the heavy lifting for them. Through automated and streamlined systems, reports on employee data, close-day procedures, and sales by cashier and reap

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