Online customer reviews can positively impact your sales, and they can also destroy your businesses’ reputation. 


With information being spread more quickly than ever; it has never been more important to make sure your customer’s experience is topnotch. Reports suggest that up to 82% of customers check reviews when considering a product.

To keep customers flocking to your storefronts, here are three simple but effective ways to increase your customer reviews. 





In 2020, customer expectations are at an all-time high. Regardless of what you sell, you are in huge competition with companies such as Amazon. 

This means your products, customer service, and prices should be in top-notch condition. 

Customers expect amazing products at an amazing price that should WOW them. In addition, customers expect top-tier customer service, no matter what. 

This means keeping your cool even when things are going south.  

Let’s break down this concept in an example: 

You own an ice-cream parlor, and you sell a delicious cone to a customer. They leave happy and then return ten minutes later stating they dropped the icecream cone and it was destroyed before it was finished. 

In this example, let’s say your business policy states that products cannot be refunded, and any incidents regarding dropped cones must happen on property. 

In reality, you have no idea if the customer truthfully dropped the cone, or if they simply paid for one and want another at no charge. 

In this situation, you kindly explain your business policy to the customer. But they become very angered because they claim they did not get to enjoy the ice-cream before dropping it. 


There are two ways the employee can handle the situation: 


  • The employee may angrily disrespect the customer, stating that it is a low-priced ice-cream cone so they will have to purchase another. The customer angrily leaves the property and leaves a terrible review. 
  •  The employee exerts patience and kindly asks the customer if they may ask permission from their manager to override the company policy. The manager agrees, and the customer leaves happy. They may leave a good review, or they may leave none at all. 


Even if the manager had to override company policy, the few extra dollars spent to keep that customer happy, at least in this scenario, was worth it.  


At the end of the day, no review is better than a bad review. 


Exercising patience during a feud with an angry customer often increases revenues in the long run—even if it costs a few extra dollars at that moment. 


The extra patience exerted on an angry customer can potentially change the situation and cause the effected customer to write a good review or no review, instead of destroying your company online 


Hyperlink Digital Receipts 



We have spoken before on why digital POS systems beat traditional systems, and we have also spoken on the power of digital receipts.

In this example, we’ll assume you listened to our advice and have successfully provided a quick digital receipt to your customer. 

In order to increase customer reviews, simply hyperlink a ‘review’ me button, at the beginning of the digital receipt. Additionally, offer a lottery for a free item or discount to incentivize people to leave a review. 

Keep in mind, they may leave whatever review they’d like. The incentive is not to influence customer opinion, it just simply increases the chances of a purchaser to leave any review at all.  


Additionally, place the ‘review me’ hyperlink at the top of the receipt. Let them see the incentive before viewing their ticket price. In addition, make sure the discounts or lottery item is appealing to them. 

We advise our customers to strategically place the ‘review me’ hyperlink, along with offering a discount lottery incentive of some type to increase the chances of customer reviews. 



Automated CRM 


Having consensual customer data is crucial to the success of businesses right now. With so many companies and competitors leveraging customer data to its fullest possible extent, we have to make the best of your available data to remain competitive.

With the customer’s consent, Franpos synchronizes with your CRM and records your customer’s phone number and name. This info will be utilized to send automated discounts, offers, and news about exclusive product launches. 

With so many companies advertising to your customerthe channel of communication must be direct, effective, and concise.


With automated Customer Relation Management, you can send consensual MMS/SMS or Email campaigns directly to your buyers. 

Once your customer has purchased a product or discount, you can seamlessly request a product review via text message. With automated messages, discounts, and more, your loyal customer will be more likely to leave a pleasant review for your company. 


Never compete for your customer’s attention again!


These are simple but effective ways to increase your customer’s reviews. If you would like to talk to one of our marketing experts for further information, you may request a free demo here.  

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