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How Franpos Can Scale Your Franchise

Franpos is the number one cloud-based point of sale system for franchises, specializing in highly complex and user-friendly software. With highly customizable interfaces, automated royalty reports, and automated purchase orders, we know Franpos is the fastest and most efficient software available.      Secure and Scalable      When it comes to business and consumer privacy, we are specialized in curating secure software that

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How the QSR Industry Can Thrive in “Live, Work, Play” Mixed-Use Communities

‘Live, Work, Play’ communities have become increasingly popular in cities and metro areas.  These types of communities are characterized by mixed-use apartment buildings, offices, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, all compacted into one area.  For example, a ‘Live, Work, Play’ community can have restaurants on the bottom of apartment complexes, with offices surrounding the area, in

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