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Grow your business with hand-crafted campaigns developed by dedicated professionals.

Bring In the Experts

Managed Growth Marketing provides your business with expert guidance and dedicated resources to help you market to your customer base.

Dedicated professionals on the Franpos team will help you develop content, assign relevant campaigns to your existing customer base, and meet regularly with your team to review results. 

All campaigns are launched and maintained directly on the Franpos point of sale system!

Real-Time Reports and ROI

Monitor conversion rates, total added sales, and new revenue generated with us in real-time.


Current participants in Managed Growth Marketing by Franpos see up to an 8x return on investment!

Meet Your New Marketing Hub

View active, paused, and previous campaigns in one centralized location. 

Monitor progress on campaigns, receive notifications from your Franpos marketing team, and see each campaign’s revenue. 

16 Innovative Growth Marketing Campaigns

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