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Handling and Automating Your Royalty Fees

Royalties make the franchising world go round.   Royalties help pay for the corporate support structure designed to rally around your franchise and ensures all parties walk away profitable.  Your royalty fees may be a flat fee, a percentage of gross revenue, or both, but in any case, handling the smooth transition of royalties to your […]

How to Drive Customer Obsession

Finding a product worthy of selling and marketing is a challenge. Collecting and tracking inventory is a challenge. Opening a storefront, in-store or online, is a challenge. Achieving a customer base, especially in a competitive market, is a challenge. All of these challenges are one of the many reasons entrepreneurship is such a rewarding experience. Launching a business, especially in a competitive market, is such […]

Knowing When to Expand to a Second Location

You’ve done the hard part—you’ve taken an idea and made it a reality by forming a business and cultivating a dedicated and growing customer base. You’ve literally beaten the odds stacked against you and you’ve generated revenue. So much so, in fact, that you’ve got your eyes set not internally to your current location, but externally.   Building a successful multi-unit franchise starts with […]

5 Ways Your Point of Sale Drives Growth

Gone are the days of simple cash registers, credit card imprinters, and simple swiping. From chip readers to touchless payment methods like Apple Pay, there are a myriad of ways to make and take payments. But your point-of-sale can do a heck of a lot more than manage your money. The 21st century has offered business owners […]

How to Manage Your Salon Appointments

Hair and Nail Salons are a massive industry—raking in more than 55 billion dollars in revenue each year. Owning and running a beauty store, hair salon, or nail salon remains a lucrative investment as store and franchise owners are able to build long-term relationships with local clientele over multiple appointments.  That’s why appointments are so important to the […]