Everything your franchise needs. No capital expenditure. One simple monthly fee.

Pay for services, not devices.

Our Refresh Program is an inclusive hardware and software subscription for all your franchise locations.

All of the software and hardware functionality you need for one monthly subscription fee.

Reduce your upfront costs.

The Refresh Program gives you an entire POS system, while alleviating your initial investment cost.

Rather than paying for everything upfront, distribute your payments over 39 months.

Our Values

Things you should know

0% APR on

Focus on reinvesting in your business, rather than paying interest.

All Inclusive
Monthly Payment

No surprises. Your entire POS System (including software and hardware) will be included in one, simple monthly bill.

Hardware Cost Spread
Over 39 Months

Forget about huge one-time investments. We spread the cost over 39 months, so you can start right away and scale as needed.

Monthly Software Updates

No matter how many locations you have, your software will automatically stay up to date to improve your business and customer experience.

Hardware Refresh
Every 39 Months

After 39 months, you'll receive a brand new hardware system, delivered to your door. We'll take your old system and recycle it to reduce environmental impact.

Great Software Paired With Great Hardware

Franpos eliminates the headaches involved in choosing the right hardware to pair with your POS software.

Functionality for any franchise business.

State of art devcices.

Integration with many third-party services.

Everything Your Need Is Included

The Refresh Program covers all your hardware. If you need a device, we’ll make sure you get it. It’s as simple as that.

Our Recycling Initiative

Committed To Environmental Sustainability.

Once your 39-month period ends, your old hardware will become part of our Recycling Initiative.


Some of your old hardware will go to help developing businesses.

Helping business and markets grow by providing innovative technology.


Any unusable parts of your old POS system will be safely recycled.

Reducing impact on our landfills, conserving natural resources.

Refresh Your Business

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