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How Are You Engaging with Your Customers in 2022?

Now more than ever, customers are looking to buy local. The idea of the all-powerful corporation that has it all has slowly eroded away at the trust of customers, and businesses like yours propose something really exciting to shoppers today! Local businesses have the most impact in their communities when they foster communities of their […]

Automating for Success: How To Grow Your Business By Doing Less

After launching your business, it can feel like you’re off to the races without a finish line. After all, there are people to pay and lots of overhead to worry about. It’s no wonder why first-time or new business owners struggle to feel as if they’re ever doing enough. The problem is, the very reason […]

Knowing When to Expand to a Second Location

You’ve done the hard part—you’ve taken an idea and made it a reality by forming a business and cultivating a dedicated and growing customer base. You’ve literally beaten the odds stacked against you and you’ve generated revenue. So much so, in fact, that you’ve got your eyes set not internally to your current location, but externally.   Building a successful multi-unit franchise starts with […]

Handling and Automating Your Royalty Fees

Royalties make the franchising world go round.   Royalties help pay for the corporate support structure designed to rally around your franchise and ensures all parties walk away profitable.  Your royalty fees may be a flat fee, a percentage of gross revenue, or both, but in any case, handling the smooth transition of royalties to your […]

Three Fun Ways to Market Your Small Business This Fall

This week marks the first few days of the official fall season! Fall for many across the northern hemisphere means cooler temperatures, daylight savings time, turning leaves, and cozy days! As a small business owner, it’s important to stay topical and ahead of the latest curves or trends, and nothing is more predictable and enjoyable […]